Momentum-mapped Inverted Pendulum Models for Controlling Dynamic Human Motions
Taesoo Kwon Jessica K. Hodgins
Designing a unified framework for simulating a broad variety of human behaviors has proven to be challenging. In this paper, we present an approach for control system design that can generate animations of a diverse set of behaviors including walking, running, and a variety of gymnastic behaviors. We achieve this generalization with a balancing strategy that relies on a new form of inverted pendulum model (IPM), which we call the momentum-mapped IPM (MMIPM). We analyze reference motion capture data in a pre-processing step to extract the motion of the MMIPM. To compute a new motion, the controller plans a desired motion frame by frame based on the current pendulum state and a predicted pendulum trajectory. By tracking this time-varying trajectory, the controller creates a character that dynamically balances, changes speed, makes turns, jumps and performs gymnastic maneuvers.

 KEYWORDS   character animation, motion capture and reuse, rigid-body simulation
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Taesoo Kwon
Jessica K. Hodgins
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